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I knew this chic had some sort of eating issue!! I don't know why, but I just knew.

Summary: Rocsi was anorexic in high school. She was a flyer in cheerleading so she thought that she had to be thin. She overexercised, restricted, took diet pills, and tried unsuccessfully to make herself vomit. She mentions her stats in the video... damn.
She also touches on how people think that minorities don't get ED's. Rocsi is Black Latina by the way. I think.

It's a pretty good interview. And Dammit, Rocsi annoys the hell out of me (especially when she smiles so hard and back when her hair was blonde), but the interview is very emotional for her and I REALLY have respect for her now.

Rocsi from 106 & Park talking about her struggle with anorexia.

And, if you have time, read through the ignorant comments at the bottom. Those types of comments are what I like to refer to as "Exhibit A".

ex: "lmao @ oochie coochie and goons!!!!!!!!!
yo oochie coochie, how many anorexic people do you see in the 106 & park audience? NONE! lol lol i don’t know any anorexic black chick, sorry!"

"ok…i might sound like the most evil person out there, but I don’t feel bad for people who suffer from anorexia or bullemia. Just like I don’t feel bad for drug addicts. This is something you made the decision to do. If you can get better, that’s a wonderful thing, but I can’t pity someone who is doing danger to their own body on purpose. JMO"

& Some intelligent person snuck in:

"I really respect Rocsi for coming out and speaking about this issue. You people may say you don’t know anyone who suffers from an ed, but u just might! This is not something that people announce through the loudspeaker, it is usually kept a deep dark secret with every measure taken to hide the disease. I mean look at Kyle from College Hill South Beach, that’s a fat black man who was bulimic. I have suffered frm an ed for 9 yrs and yes I am black! I have also had 2 black friends who suffered from a form of the disease. It is not a disease specific to white people but ur ignorance on the subject is what keeps alot of blacks from coming forward and seeking help(because its a WHITE disease). I also bet some of ur fav celebs on this site r dealing with some form of the disease maybe someone under this post."


An eating disorder group aimed at minorities. Thank you LJ. 

Name: Scout


Age: 20

Ethnicity: African American & Native American

Location: Austin, Texas

Languages: English, Spanish (mostly), ASL, French (learning)

ED: Anorexia/EDNOS for over 10 years. I guess I am currently EDNOS seeing as I am just above the line of being underweight (BMI) and therefore do not fit into the category of anorexic.

Feelings on the issues of race/ethnicity and ED's:  Like many other things in my life, including my disorder, people of many different races assume that I dont fit into a "stereotype" for my race. This includes my exterior look and streams all the way into the interior with my disorder and other mental health issues. Racial stereotypes are one of my biggest pet peeves and I dislike greatly when they are directed at me. To the naked eye I am a "black girl," therefore people question and get confused of why I have so many tattoos, had long (to the hip) length hair my whole life until recently (that was real), why I listen to the music I do or dress the way I do. When in reality not only do I identify in my personal life more with my Native American heritage, but because I "look black" I am supposed to want to be "thick," wear big jeans, and have big breasts. I have a severe peter pan complex in a purely physical fashion, desire no breasts, no hips, no body at all. I wish to be weightless, nothing and to disappear completely. I believe the less I am the more personal value I hold. The physical act of eating and the physical feeling of being full triggers my post traumatic stress.

Not related to your ED or other mental health issues:  (Check my profile). I love to write. I am an artist. I am in art school. I am a professional journalistic/live music photographer and becoming a professional graphic designer. I love to paint and write letters. I love music, all kinds, and I appreciate all sound. I play the keyboard/piano, dabble in the guitar, and have been singing ever since I could talk. I also of course write music. I love philosophy. I am in love with a man who I will be in love with forever. We have been together almost 2 years and are one person. I hate that Im addicted to the internet, I really do. I may be a brilliant conversationalist, a starlet, a sage philosopher, the messiah. I may not. Find out? I crave love and catharsis and nonsense. I want to answer life's big questions and make peoples knees buckle.

Share your personal experiences with cultural stereotypes regarding weight/dieting/food/etc?
Have any of these experiences contributed to the development of your disordered eating?

I'll start off with an example and then I'll post some more later:

Southern US Foods:

I'm from Virginia (which is not as Southern as it likes to pretend that it is, but whatever), and there are certain foods that are stereotypically Southern that we're supposed to like. Chitterlings for example, are a food that I had never tasted until last year. Chitterlings are pig intestines and for the longest time I had to endure sayings like "You don't like chitlins? Well, you're not Southern then." or  "Chitterlings are soul food. How can you not like them?" I mean, do all Japanese like sushi? If one of them doesn't are they not Japanese?
So I tried chitterlings and my worst fears were confirmed - they taste exactly like they smell, look, and sound. There is no excuse for chitterlings. None.
I think part of my bulimia has to do with me being torn over not wanting to gain weight or be full, but still wanting to eat foods that are a tradition in my area. I don't want cold stares because I'm the only black girl at the cook out who's not eating the Bojangle's, the Brunswick stew (just no), the catfish, and whatever the hell butter beans are. There's the pressure from my culture and my surroundings pushing on one side and the voice in the back of my head pushing on the other side.

I just pulled out like 6 eye lashes a once. :(  I'm going to make some tags.

A little Intro To Me

Name: Joy

Age: 17

Ethnicity: Black

Location: Moscow, Russia

Languages: English, French, Russian and Shona

ED: bulimic with anorexic tendencies

Feelings on the issues of race/ethnicity and ED's:   I personally believe that race shouldn’t have to matter in any type of situation in life. Society these days disgusts me. You have to dress a certain way, look a certain way act a specific way due to your race; which I think is totally lame. People are all put into little categories depending on how they look. One person takes a look at you and they already know you; I hate that.

I’ve had this eating disorder for a little over a year I suppose; along with it I suffer from depression so I tend to keep to myself most of the time. I usually listen to heavy metal or screamo because at that very moment I just feel that way…and people are always so shocked to find out I listen to that type of music, just because I’m black *scoffs* I find it ridiculous. I’ve kept my whole ED thing to myself because no one in my whole family has ever suffered from anything like this. Besides my mom has to deal with my depression; that’s bad enough.

Not related to your ED or other mental health issues:  I love to read and write. I write poetry, lyrics, stories and I’m working on a screenplay. I’m also planning on writing a book. I love photography and fashion; it’s just amazing in its own way. I’m going to be starting a course in psychology really soon; psychology fascinates me. I am bi as well; I never really had a girlfriend though…that’s what happens when boys break your heart one too many times *sighs*

I'm tired of people asking me how much I weigh while skeptically looking me up and down. One of these days I'm going to trip over a lie and tell the same person two different fake weights.

I was driving the new co-worker around today, showing her the area we operate in, and, to be polite, I asked her if she needed a lunch break. She said "No, I just do whatever." She's an older black woman, maybe 40 years old, average to overweight build. I didn't question her because then I didn't have to make an excuse to scoot off, decline lunch, or end up purging into a Wal-Mart bag in my bag seat.

We got back to the office for a second and she and an LPN were talking about food. The LPN is also black and she's overweight, but she wears it very well. Basically the LPN claimed that she had a headache and our secretary told her that she probably needed to eat something. Suddenly, the LPN and the new girl start jabbering on and on about how little they eat. The LPN said that she nibbles on something for breakfast, but if she eats lunch then she has to skip dinner. Conversely, if she skips lunch, then she gets to eat dinner. The new employee agreed and stated that had similar eating habits. They just kind of brushed it off like it wasn't a big deal.

My male supervisor is on a diet. He's trim and slightly toned, but every day he brings a salad, and only a salad, to eat for lunch. He's also an avid runner. Two other male co-workers will try to eat healthily, you know, snacking on protein bars and organic granola. But then they'll break down and make some comment about how they've eaten too much and will now have to skip dinner.

Are these not blatantly eating disordered behaviors? They're free to discuss them in the workplace and receive encouragement and guidance from one another.
If I came out  with "OH, I just had a salad. No dinner tonight." they would stone me to death.

There's another new girl who just got here a month ago. She's slim and drinks nothing but diet coke. She refuses to go to lunch with anyone, but she doesn't ever bring her lunch back to the office to eat it. I've never really seen her eat during her lunch break. God, I hope she takes all of the attention away from me.


Name: Tay
Age: 21
Location: Crouch End, London
Race/ethnicity: Black/Welsh/Scottish/Jew/Indian aka 'Mixed Other'
Language(s): English and Patois (Jamaican Creole), Yiddish
ED history/ diagnosis: ED-NOS, with a history of orthorexia (my family were/are orthorexics)
Feelings on the issues of race/ethnicity and ED's: I don't really have any strong feelings to be honest, I am annoyed because people assume that only rich white girls have food issues.
Something about you (not related to your ED or other mental health issues):I like getting tattoos and I like girls in the naughty way hahah

Name: haha. That's not important. But if you must know, it's Stephanie.
Age: 24/25
Location: Newport "Bad Newz", Virginia
Race/ethnicity: Black
Language(s): English and African American Vernacular English (because I think that's hilarious). I can read French and Japanese, but my accent limits my ability to speak them properly.
ED history/ diagnosis: I'm going to say I'm Bulimic. I've been disordered for about 8 3/4 years.
Once upon a time, I thought I was fat. So I cut back on food and lost weight. I think I would have been classified as EDNOS at the time because I overexercised, but I was a normal weight. Two years later something snapped and I started abusing laxatives in addition to restricting and overexercising. Then I started binging and purging. I lost weight, Blah Blah Blah, I was underweight and diagnosed with AN, binging and purging subtype and went to a psychiatrist, but I had very poor compliance. Then for about 4 years I bounced between bulimia and COE. Then I went back to losing weight. My weight is pretty low, but I like to think of myself as a bulimic because I think it describes my behavior better. Plus, I still get my period.
Feelings on the issues of race/ethnicity and ED's: I basically have two feelings about this:
It's a Blessing in Disguise. It's a Curse.Collapse )
Something about you (not related to your ED or other mental health issues): I use Wikipedia too much. I was on Wikipedia yesterday and I happened upon the article for my old high school. My old high school used to be notoriously know for it's population of wealthy and privileged individuals, it's commitment to learning, and it's high standards. But oh my God that shit is busted now! It's on lock down. They have metal detectors, limits on the amount of time spent moving from one class to another, drug sniffing dogs. Some mother fucker bought a glock to school last year. What the hell happened?

Jan. 17th, 2009

LOVE this community by the way.

Age: 21
Location: Chicago
Race/ethnicity: Asian Indian
Language(s): English
ED history/ diagnosis: Bulimia, diagnosed last month. Before diagnosis, approximately two years of behavior
Feelings on the issues of race/ethnicity and ED's: It is more unexpected amoungst minorities.
Something about you (not related to your ED or other mental health issues): I like to color

Jan. 17th, 2009

Name: Tasha
Age: 20
Location: Portsmouth, Virginia
Race/ethnicity: African American
Language(s): English
ED history/ diagnosis: Undiagnosed bulimic,
Feelings on the issues of race/ethnicity and ED's: i dont really know what to say about it.
Something about you (not related to your ED or other mental health issues): i work at claires and every one thinks its the best job ever when its not.